The Boogeyman has Arrived (in about 1990 actually)

NSA/GCHQ in other words.

I have very strong feelings about the right to privacy as anyone who has seen my Twitter feeds will know so I’ll keep this short.


The Five Eyes (UK, USA, Canada, Oz and NZ) have exceeded all bounds of morality, discipline and professionalism in their collection of intelligence. This information in the hands of such a bellicose nation as the USA is very dangerous for the entire planet. The NSA has been described as ‘a bunch of middle schoolers run amok’ – about right.

The embarrassment of the USA in particular is a joy to behold and follows a predictable path.

  1. Blanket denial followed by…
  2. Attempt to stop the whistleblower that went spectacularly wrong
  3. Vilification and demonization of same bloke instead and
  4. a spiteful fiasco involving Venezuela.
  5. Deal out vicious sentence to Bradley Manning while we’re at it
  6. The Head Honcho lying under oath to Congress
  7. But everybody does spies!
  8. We didn’t know what they were up to. Really?
  9. We’ll launch an investigation (yeah right)
  10. We have appointed an oversight committee (Ha Ha)
  11. Tapping Merkel will not happen (but did happen)
  12. We did our job – the politicians told us what to do (like the SS)
  13. Mea culpa from Kerry – ‘yes it may have gone too far’
  14. 35 Heads of State, diplomats, conferences, international organizations, businesses and the Vatican – Yup, he may be right
  15. To come: Larger demonstrations followed by
  16. Another bigger Congressional enquiry and
  17. A change in spying regulations that tinker with the edges
  18. And of course, more damning revelations
  19. etc., etc. I cannot wait.

lk060713dAPR-nsa-surveillance-500Each of the above points can be picked over but the sum total is the final loss of any trust in the USA.

Their greedy domestic policies have affected most of the planet. Their aggressive foreign policy has served only to destabilize parts of it. Their political system and much of their media have been taken over by big business and big finance.

PdYV5MYAmericans never win wars. They just stampede in on a pretext and fuck things up to feed their huge military industry.

The Israeli lobby in the US is so powerful, it gets the US to do its fighting for it. It has been said that America’s most dangerous export is democracy – see how peaceful Iraq is.

Back to computers . . .

I think that the allegations of spying and ‘back doors to the NSA’ all over the place will gradually result in the proliferation of security-related products. No-one trusts the chip makers, Microsoft, Tracebook, Google and even the current ‘security’ software any more.

6.siClapper admitted to lying to Congress, a very serious offence but he’s still out there.

The queue of businesses offering anti-NSA products is visible already and many will use them as they get better and easier to use. In five years, there will be a major change in the way the Internet is used. NSA may still get in – and it will certainly try – but it will be much more difficult.

And the reason? Money. Security is paramount in the game and the slightest hint of compromise will send customers stampeding off. AT&T are suffering already in Europe. Google, Scrapebook and others will have to re-establish trust.

Not possible in my opinion.


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