An Introduction

My name is Martin Evers. I have been designing websites for 18 years, firstly at the University of Natal and then for clients of my own website design business in Durban, South Africa. This blog is an unordered sequence of observations and opinions about aspects of the web design discipline.

These will include the way in which I start to design a website, interactions with clients and prospects and some useful tools.

My policy has always been to use the simplest methods to achieve my goals. Throughout my professional life I have worked with technology and from 1976, with computers.

At heart, I am a Luddite, both fearful of and suspicious of technology. I have seen the increasing rate of acceleration of the development of technology and I wonder whether humanity has the capability of dealing with it, controlling it, making use of it and realizing its limitations and place in the greater picture. His increasing obsession with technology for its own sake is a cause of concern to me.

Like most of humanity, I ¬†am a creature of habit and am both set in and comfortable with the methods I employ. I do not follow the Next Big Thing. Life is far too short to be spent trying to catch up with the curve and forever being carried along in technology’s wake.

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