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Website Maintenance

Dealing with website updates is a problem so we provide a plan which addresses this chore:

  1.   Search position audit and tuning of content when necessary
  2.  Backend code improvements to increase searchability and speed
  3.  Small updates to the website content
  4.  Browser based website statistics
  5.  Ample disc space and bandwidth
  6.  Local hosting with email, secure servers, antivirus, browser based statistics
  7.  ... and free advice of course

All those businesses on the right use our maintenance package.

The fees depend on the activity on the website but are typically R350.00 per month. We offer a 5% discount for yearly payments and there is no contract.

Clients use our plan because the annual budget of their website is a known quantity each year. If they wish to retain their ISP they can but we cannot vouch for their service.

The monthly fee includes attention to your website, adding content or SEO tuning. Larger jobs are invoiced separately.

Our Website Redesign Plan

Websites should be redesigned every two to three years. In that time time both the content of the website and the technology of website design will have changed. However, the cost of a new website may come at an inconvenient time.

Clients may pay for their new website on a monthly basis by adding an amount to their hosting and maintenance plan. An additional R400.00 per month will, after two years, entitle the client to a new website free of charge providing that website is similar in size and functionality to the existing website.

In this way, for around R750.00 per month, clients are able to manage their existing websites and provide for recurring websites without a large once-off cost.

Typical Website Traffic Statistics

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